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Welcome to the North Florida Face Painting and Body Art Guild

Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of paint should I use?

There are many excellent brands of face paint on the market. Some are available locally and some by mail order/internet. Don't use acrylic, tempra or craft paints. Don’t use watercolors or pastels crayons. These types of paints can contain chemical compounds that can cause allergic reactions and /or skin irritation.
Major Face Paint Brands:

Mehron/ Paradise
Wolf Brothers
Diamond FX
Fantasy World Wide

Where can I purchase face paints?
The Face Paint Shop offfers a full line of TAG Face and Body paint. Visit their site for more info: (Members of the North Florida Facepainters Guild receive discounts on their orders.)

What are some good hygiene tips for  face painting?
Make sure you use clean, fresh water while face painting.  Clean your brushes and sponges thoroughly after every event. Do not allow wet sponges to remain closed up in your kit or a bag, as this will allow the growth of mold.
Is there anyone I should not paint?
Do not paint anyone with a fever, cut or open wound (like chicken pox). Suggestions to avoid these problems: To avoid painting around a runny nose, healed wound or acne, paint their arm or leg instead. For a child with fever or obvious open wounds, offer them a sticker instead.

What type of glitter should I use?
Only use polyester glitter or glitter gel made for cosmetic use. Avoid craft glitter as it is can be made from aluminum or contain pigments which are not skin safe.





Our Mission

We are dedicated to the education of artists in the field of face and body art. Our primary goal is to elevate the standards and quality of face painting in North Florida and provide an educational and professional resource for the artists in our community.

Through meetings, practice sessions and workshops, we offer members an opportunity to socialize, network and refine their skills in a friendly, non-competitive environment.

We are open to anyone with an interest in face painting or body art including henna, glitter tattoos and airbrush body art.