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Welcome to the North Florida Face Painting and Body Art Guild

Interested in joining the North Florida Face Painting Guild? Please take a look at our membership criteria and email us with your information


  • Joining a supportive environment
  • Referral and booking opportunities
  • Scheduled jams and meeting
  • Seminars with professionals in the industry
  • Member Listing
  • Banner Ad for your Website
  • Perpetual 10% discount from the Face Paint Shop


  • The sole use of FDA compliant products.
  • Basic use and understanding of Health and Safety practices

Code of Conduct

  • Follow the Code of Practice
  • Deal fairly with my colleagues and others in the face painting community
  • Abide by democratically reached decisions of the guild
  • Contribute to the administration of the guild during my membership if requested
  • Take an active part in the decision making processes

    As a member of the Guild I agree NOT to:
  • Misrepresent the North Florida Face Painting Guild and any of the members
  • Display work other than my own without permission
  • Maintain a positive attitude and promote respect for all members of the guild, and other members of the face painting industry.

Code of Practice
Common sense guidelines to ensure that members work in a safe and practical fashion:

  • Always use industry approved paints and products that are designed for the skin.
  • If glitter is used, use only ultra fine, hex cut .08 cut polyester glitter or glitter gels designed for the skin.
  • Do not paint a child with a cold sore or any other apparent skin disease.
  • Use clean utensils, wash containers, brushes and sponges thoroughly after each session. Try to keep them clean during the session.
  • Be extra careful when painting near the eyes, especially on very young children and those unable to keep still.


Our Mission

We are dedicated to the education of artists in the field of face and body art. Our primary goal is to elevate the standards and quality of face painting in North Florida and provide an educational and professional resource for the artists in our community.

Through meetings, practice sessions and workshops, we offer members an opportunity to socialize, network and refine their skills in a friendly, non-competitive environment.

We are open to anyone with an interest in face painting or body art including henna, glitter tattoos and airbrush body art.